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August 09, 2006


Ashley and Brooklyn

Come on, why NOT? Why can't we see you at your 5 am glory? That is part of the journey we don't want to miss. Seriously. It's another piece we want to be there for.

Well we got crappy news, I may not be able to meet you in GZ after all. Remember how we were supposed to leave next tuesday? Yah. Try the *24TH* now! After the agency told me we had a CA for the 28th...now it's the 7th of sept. I'll be there with the rest of those that just got their referral two weeks ago. Hell, maybe even those that are about to get theirs in two weeks.

Sorry for the venting. Your blog.


What are ya kidding me? I've been following along for the last 12 months just so I could see the moment of packed bags and hideous "I've been traveling and am looking HOT" photos. I.Can't.Wait.


You're paving the way for us and we love you. Official word today from you-know-who, "We will be sending all families information on the Victory Thursday or Friday since so many of you have asked about it." I simply asked about any other hotels that WEREN'T AN HOUR AWAY and she offered this information. She wasn't sure about availability, but they're checking into it! You can't escape us- we'll follow you :)


You're leaving on my birthday. That's got to be a good sign. My birthday present? Pics of you looking smokin' hot at the ass crack of dawn, thank you very much. I'm sure you'll be happy to oblige, thanks.


all and all, you are holding up pretty well. I think :)

And I think you should share the horrific pictures. We need to be educated so we can be prepared for when it's finally our time to travel.


Are you kidding? You'll be going first class, which means like...foot rubdowns every 2 hours or so.

Avoid the champagne as it is cheap and too much of it will really dehydrate you at those high altitudes.

Desparate Blogger In Need of Any and All Photos (even the crappy ones)

Just carry a brown paper bag and throw it over your head when the camera comes out. For God's sake woman, don't leave us hanging! Pictures! We need pictures!


Oh Steph....asscrack will be like 4am not with all this crap going on with planes.

I can't wait for packing pictures.

I REALLY can't wait for shower details!!! sweater mainia!!

Erin O'

Can't wait to hear more! I especially can't wait for sweater-vest news!

You have to take pictures of first class, by the way. Inexperienced fliers like me love to see that which is just out of reach...



Very exciting! I should pop over to visit you during your layover in Mpls., you know and take pictures of you.

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