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August 07, 2006



It is so cool that you are able to know more about the baby than was available in your referral and follow up info. The pictures are also great.


How cool that you have so many pictures and that story about the son.


How awesome is that Stephanie. That little daughter of yours has touched so many lives already. Cannot wait until you and your sweet husband get to hold and kiss and smell your beautiful baby girl. Counting down the days with you!

Carol R.

Hopeful Mommy

That is so wonderful to hear a special story about your precious girl! I can't wait until you hold her and bring her home.


She is going to LOVE that when she's older.


You our one lucky 'fill in the blanks' to have all this info and PICTURES! And Emma is too.
How's the packing?

Erin O'

Great stuff for E-bug to hear when she's older, asking you to tell her the story again.

I missed you! Glad you're back, and I like the new look. I forget, are you having a separate travel blog? don't forget to remind us all. I'm so very happy for you and Mark, and I can't believe it's so soon!

I followed the comment thread on the last post, and I, too, am a devotee of the ziploc. Happy packing!


Ashley and Brooklyn

How sweet. You are so lucky. Emma sounds is such a dream.


How cool!

And really, who wouldn't be drawn to her - just look at her!!


I got goosebumps reading that! She is a very special baby indeed.

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