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August 14, 2006



The nursery looks SO good! You have done a might fine job on it.

And can I say WOW to your packing job? I can't believe you two are 100% ready like that. I am really ashamed at how much I still need to do. Just a few more days!!! (We leave next Wednesday!)

Can't wait to see you with Miss Emma. Just by looking at her, I can tell she will totally fit in with you guys.


I love the purple elephant!


D & K singing Muppet Songs now stuck in our heads after seeing the tub spout cover.

Looks great!


First off - damn you, YOU are the reason my daughter is not going to have a really awesome joybucket doll. Pooey on you.

Secondly, the picture of the suitcase packed and ready to go by the door made my heart do a little flutter.

Thirdly, dude, you are going to China!!

Heather Ann

I want the duck on the tap - with the shower cap on. How great. How prepared you are! Wonderful!


Awww. She looks so cute sitting there. Thanks for including a photo.

And DANG is that elephant great! I love that thing. Emma is going to love it.


Please tell me you're bringing more than that one measly suitcase.


Love the elephant and the Joybucket doll. Damn, I wanted one of those. Badly. The nursery looks great!


Extremely cute nursery, over the top tidy packing....looks like your ready! Got those 8 documents?



Really just fricken awesome.

We have the same Nemo bath toy set. Can you say fun? Squeezing water on little tummies is the best!

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