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July 29, 2010


JoAnn in NJ

Awww...you did what every single Mom across America would do...cry with happiness over your child's joy. I personally cannot wait for my moment.

HOWEVER...not with my MIL...never, ever! She has dangled Disney in front of us, offering it to us if we go with her and I know in my soul that it's all about her and not about our happiness or Kelsey's.

So glad you're back, I missed you and happy Ems is better and I hope that few days was a fluke virus.

Emma as Princess Tiana is gorgeous!
JoAnn in NJ


You went with the inlaws????? Impressive the things we'll do for our kids, eh?

Please tell us you're back to blogging more regularly.


ah. it's like, at the end of the hell, you had a GRINCH moment, where your heart grew 3 times it's normal size. that had to make the trip worth it.

we are heading down in a couple months, E's first time. like you, i'm not a fan. but, it will be interesting to see it through her eyes. thankfully, she's not about princesses at all. maybe i should reconsider the trip?

eh. it is only next door after all. we'll make the most of it.

glad your girl wasn't sick for long.


Love the last paragraph Stephanie. Keep us posted if she gets anymore fevers. My friend I wrote you about with the little girl w/ fevers? She got her adenoids removed. As far as I know, she has been really good. Take care!


Goodness, your kid is gorgeous. And I hate Disney, but I am sure I will love it through my kids eyes. I know she will LOVE it. LOVE IT! And I love her. So I guess that what this all boils down to is that our principles pretty much are out of the window when it comes to our daughters happiness. Which is a good thing. I hope.

Oh and another lesson learned: someone needs to send out the fashion police. NOW! I see some terrible outfits here in Europe, but your picture of the Daisy Duke Wannabe vs Fannypack is downright scary. SCARY!

Sabrina & Karen

Some of the families from our travel group are going to get together in July in NC so the girls can meet each other. I searched and saw you still do your blog, so I thought I'd give you a heads up if you are interested.


Is everything okay? How is Bug doing? Wishing you peace.


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