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April 13, 2010



Here's hoping with you.....


An early slot is good.

It means:

a) she can't get bumped
b) she won't have food in her stomach
c) she and you have the whole day of daylight in which to watch her recover and make decisions (having to make a decision at 11:00 pm sucks)


I've got a bag full 'o stuff to toss your way: Good thoughts, ju-ju, fairy dust, well-wishes...Pick the one(s) you need and/or want and it's yours.

Lots of hugs from Chateau L.


I'm with Johnny on the time, late morning is a load of trouble with small kids who are famished. I hope beyond hope that this is an answer for you and sweet Emma.


Thinking good things for you and emma.


So glad you are finally being listened to! Thinking of you and wishing you the best


What a nightmare you've all been living. We'll all keep up the hope that this surgery will stop the fevers. I'm glad you were so persistent.


I agree with Johnny, early is good.

Pediatric surgery patients are scheduled by age with the youngest going first. A 6:30 a.m. surgery means that you have the first or second surgical slot that day. The surgeon and anesthesiologist will be fresh, as will the recovery nurse(s). This is all very good.

I'm so glad you finally found a good, empathetic surgeon. I'll keep you all in my thoughts on Tuesday.


Gosh, good for you for being so insistent. I can't even imagine. I hope the surgery works!


YES! i'm pounding my fists on my formica!!! and you will be SO glad surgery is first thing woman- have you dealt with a 4 year old who is denied food and drink all day? i have. NO FUN. sucks to get up that early, but it is a dream not to deal with the hunger meltdowns- plus it's over early and you can then breathe for the rest of the day.

good thoughts... ALL good thoughts that this brings the miracle fever cure.

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