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April 28, 2010



organic, costs a shitload but has so much less junk it it.


I worry more about the conditions the animals are kept in. There was a study in the 1960s by the army to see if adding growth hormones to the animals would translate to the people because they wanted "super humans". It didn't work. However, there is not a plethora of data on teens and girls in puberty.
It will be interesting to watch. I have one vegetarian and omnivore. I wonder what will happen?

What really worries me is that my oldest is now OBSESSED with hand washing because of the swine flu! Thanks everybody for insisting that we need to wash every time we MIGHT introduce something to our immune system

Sorry to snark on your post


I agree with you. Amazing the crap the FDA can pull that we "let" it get away with. I'm not too happy with the USDA now either... they're the ones that like to sell the crap food into our schools rather than letting districts buy local, buy better non processed food... yup- let's just feed our kids "healthy" school food from the USDA instead.

I feel so lucky my Pipsqueak carries her lunch 98% of the time.

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