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January 19, 2010



That is an AWESOME picture of her! love it. Who in their right mind could pass judgemetn on a damn dress and some girly things?


um, what is it about you and trolls.

and that soap, makes me want to freaking vomit.


Nasty emails? No way. For letting your girl try on different personas. Sheesh. Sorry. Not that MY DAUGHTER will ever be a princess. But that's another topic. She will wear what I tell her to wear. (That period should be super-bolded, BTW). Or I might cry.

Ps. Did you cry?


I just got one of my son's his very own pink shopping cart and he's incredibly happy with it, all the while wearing girls underwear; there are no boy's Kai Lan undies. And if anyone dared to judge me and my desire to make him happy, I'd have the same reaction as your photo. You know how I feel about all that.

I want to know more about the eczema soap. We sure could use it here. As for the steroids all the time? What a quack.


your daughter is perfect in princess dresses or grateful dead t-shirts -- that soap however "shudder"... wow! do you have a website for your soap? the first one looked really cute!


Those same people who squawk about princessy and pink and platforms...probably give their youngins guns and knives to help with their hunting skills.


P.S. I love the soap, not the guts one, the blue one. My babygirl would love some blue soap.


Seriously? Nasty emails? They deserve that photo


Where can I order entrail soap?

Can you say stocking stuffer?!?


Love the soap thing....we're not so much eczema around here as we are psoriasis. Must.Look.Into.

Trolls? This late in life? Screw them. If they are accusing you of throwing back to the 50s, wait until they get a glimpse of the pretty, pretty pink dress-up tea party I'm throwing this weekend to celebrate my girl's first milestone b-day (the big F.I.V.E.) Pictures to be posted before Fabul-O goes to college. Hell, I still haven't posted vacay pictures and Crummus pictures yet, but they will be pink and sparkly and all things *squee* worthy.


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