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December 08, 2009



Smores. Hands down. You can see the chocolate and the marshmallows AND the cookies right through the package. (At this point my 5-year-olds might actually swoon.) Also, all solid ingredients seriously lowers the mess-from-h*ll potential.


Snowman soup. I'm not sure the smores would make it to being smores- more likely just eat the crackers and chocolate alone... Not that that is a bad thing.

However I think a kid might like the idea of a snowman being in a "soup".


" I just don't think I should be thinking LABIA while watching a cartoon about a fairy is what I'm saying. "

YOu gave me a great laugh there. While watching "Elf" at the neighborhood Saturday night movie night one of the female adults said "OMG, would you look at THAT. Geez, could they like, uhmm, cover him up?" As we were all noticing, many for the first time, how his, uhm, "package" really 'stands out' at times.

Adults staring at 'the package', kids seeing everything but that.

Kelley Swaine

OMG! I just found your blog. So funny. I totally feel you on the soul sucking. I've had one of those days also. I would go with the Snowman Soup. I think its much more original.

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