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December 03, 2009



Your kid is so cute!
Your neighbor is nuts. I have a neighbor and I am starting to have the same issues. I dont have the guts to end it. You are a badass!

I am no help in the diet area cuz i am slowing going to explode if i dont work out soon.


I will type hoping I can post but with really very little faith this thing will work.

You rock. Palm trees are awesome and I wish had thought of that when M's hair was shorter. I miss Emma wicked bad. I miss you even worse.

Tell your blog thingy here not to be a hater.


Oh and your neighbor lady is a freakin loon.


Damn is a mf'n miracle!

Call me! Return a dang e-mail.



The last picture confirmed what I've always known....you're number "1"!


More than two readers now.

Your neighbour? Seriously weird. Your daughter's palm tree hair? Awesome.

When will the parade of awful sweaters begin? It ain't Christmas until we can see what travesties has been committed to ramie, cotton and angora.



That girl is going to have so many issues! It is criminal sometimes what parents do to their kids. Long live the palm trees!!!


Aaaahhh.... missed you....

First of all, the Bug: STINKIN' CUTE!

About the gym: I hate excersize, but I love to dance and to get rid of my aggression. So I take Bodyjam and Bodycombat classes. I adored the Bodyjam class where we had to dance to...brace yourself.... Marilyn Manson! For three months I could rock out to the Beautiful People whilst freaking out the few 50+-ers in the class. And I Luuuuuuurrrrvvvvvee Bodycombat. 800-1000 calories burned of per lesson, need is say more?


I have a lot to say. . . get some coffee or a glass of wine. First, the snow. You've lived in CO- you know it's not that bad here, but come on, people are raiding the grocery store for one night's worth of snow in TX?? Tomorrow, I will go for a run (outside) in 10 degree weather and I am so excited about it. How often does one get to experience that?

Touching a breast?! Huh, I would be so embarrassed if my daughter said that about her friend. We sometimes try to talk about who can touch what, but I can't imagine she would misunderstand the message and say her friend was touching inappropriately.

Finally, I'm so embarrassed to admit that I'm going on a cruise soon (it's not our style of travel), and my friends told me I would gain about 5 pounds. It seemed logical that I should lose 5 pounds beforehand so I wouldn't worry about it. We order a box of organic fruits and vegetables once a week from a local vender, which forces me to cook with more vegetables, so we're eating healthier. Because I work and don't have time to go to the gym, I also ordered 2 Jillian Michael's DVDs (I've never seen her TV show)- the Fat Burn DVD and the 30 Day Shred. I'm seeing results. I get up at 5am and do a 30 Day Shred workout during the week (they're only 25-30 minutes) and I do the 45 minute fat Burn on the weekend. I drink a latte and some water while I'm doing the workout in my pajamas and I like it so much better than the gym. We all have a different style, but I thought I'd share mine.

Good luck with it all!


That was too much, "she touched my breast" seriously?

And, add indian to the list, I remember you eating alot of indian and me as well! I need to join a gym as well, next feb/march will be my time frame if my kids will go to a daycare there...I need some excercise.

Mom of Four

I love the hair. I do "monkey ears" for my daughter so I am right there with you and fun with the daughter hair.

Your neighbor. Wow. I have a slight feeling you are only one of the many who are going to shout "Check please!" in her lifetime of mommy friendships.

Your desire to lose weight. Right there with you, joining the Y this month and hoping to lose the "baby fat" from the last baby, who is 9 and seems to think that telling me I am "soft and squishy and nice to lay on" while she snuggles with me is a compliment. It's not about losing and then slacking again, look at as losing and changing and tweaking some things that you know to do but aren't putting yourself first to do them.

I think EmmaBug is going to need a mom who can KEEP UP!Glad you
are back and PS Tiger told me I was his one and only. Dang it I knew I should have been suspicious.

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