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June 04, 2008




liz d.

If you want a good princess role model book, get "The Paper Bag Princess" by Robert Munch. We love this one at our house (along with a bunch of other pink princessy crap).


I don't know about you, but I'm STILL waiting for that Prince to come rescue me. As for Emma, what little girl doesn't dream of a fairy tale life? Whether or not you allow her to succumb to the Disney hype will make no difference in how she chooses to tackle life. You've learned it, I've learned it, Mom's learned it.
Dreaming of a fairy tale life is always fun; unfortunately, life is going to throw you obstacles and it's never that easy. Being different put you into a unique situation-- you can either grow from the challenge and allow it to shape you, or you can let it destroy you. And honestly Steph, I don't see that happening with Emma. She seems like a fighter and we all know you and Mark (and me!) will be behind her every step of the way. Life's hard. I'm personally of the opinion that escaping to a dream world isn't always a bad thing, as long as you don't let it ruin your reality.


Ditto. Aurora. Sleeping Beauty is my absolute favorite!


Mulan rocks the house, though. She saved the entire empire. Oh, and Cinderella 3 is pretty cool. She defeats her evil stepmother and she and the prince find each other again... not because she has a tiny foot but because they had true love.

Just sayin... :)

I understand, though. And if my own daughter weren't so into the crowns and gowns, I wouldn't have pushed them.


Briar Rose

Life doesn't have to be Disney Princesses.

Do you have the book "Fancy Nancy"? It is definitely more fun to be fancy than to be a princess (and much more creative)!

And how about the American Girl series? Great books (and values, for the most part) and adorable dolls.

JoAnn in NJ

Hey Steph!
I still fantasize about my prince, only he is now called Mega Millions Lottery!

Sleeping Beauty is Aurora, of course....

Kelsey loves the Princesses, Im with you, theyre all twits. BUT, Im okay with it because lord knows theyre better than the Wiggles...sometimes I just want to stick pins in my eyes because of the Wiggles!

Seriously, I think that lots of fairy tales started out as value lessons and I think its okay to tell our girls that the Princesses had awful things happen to them because they werent smart educated women who didnt know how to stand up for themselves!


No princesses at our house. Not because of the feminist Mama, but because the girl never liked them. Even Mulan. She has occasional bouts of wanting to dress up somewhat girly, but mostly likes sports and reading. The things she sees her parents doing (I read, he does sports). We love The Paper Bag Princess and Fancy Nancy too.
And further, there seems to be some confusion about SBs name. I thought it was Briar Rose as well, though there are some sources that suggest that Aurora is correct.
And I didnt know about the Chinese origins of Cinderella. Very interesting.


I'm kind of in a "why fight it" mood about the princesses. I wanted to be a princess. I imagined all of that crap as a child yet still managed to go through a femi-nazi stint in college so it doesn't have to warp the whole way a girl sees the world. Sometimes escapism is just good clean fun.


Arora (sp?)

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