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May 09, 2007



LOL. Rabbits seem to be common household pets these days.


Camel Toe??? Why have we not heard about her? Or is this Weird Chick's alias?


Aaaah. Laying down and mail order shopping. I love multi-tasking!!!

Carol in Iowa


Have I ever told you that I heart you to pieces? F-ing HILARIOUS!


make a kitten. . . funny


Oh yeh, Ava likes the skull on your blog. She calls it Emma. I redirect her every time to Emma's picture, but she insists that the skull is named Emma.


You don't like Camel Toe? But, she has brought such interesting content to your blog...to us...maybe friend is too strong of a word?

I may just borrow this meme for me-me...


My mind is so in the gutter that when I read you have a rabbit, I thought of something a lot different than a plushy toy. Catching my drift? Bad me, bad.

If any straight woman says she *wouldn't* want to sleep with Angie they are so lying.


Ohhhh, you and Ange having a ciggie afterwards talking adoption. Now that's a fly on the wall scenario I'd be willing to buzz over for.

Sparky (who's no liar)

Ummm I'm straight and I wouldn't sleep with her. She bugs the living crap out of me. I think she's as hot as Barbara Bush. I wouldn't sleep with her either.

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